Activated Carbon Services

Pacific Coast Carbon operates a state of the art spent carbon reactivation facility located in the heart of the Great Pacific NW. This reactivation facility offers our customers the most responsible disposal option for all their non hazardous spent carbons. All spent carbons accepted into the facility are reactivated for beneficial reuse and thus offers our clients an option to apply for green credits. The reactivation facility keeps potential harmful waste products from filling our landfills and polluting our earth for generations to come.

Together with Biosphere Carbon Group, we produce consistent high quality reactivated carbons allowing true flexibility for each spent carbon that is processed. The reactivated carbon is specifically tailored to meet stringent specification and timeline demands. Whether you are looking for a green option for spent carbon disposal to alleviate your liability with using landfills or just wanting to reduce the carbon footprint with shipping wastes across vast parts of the country, Pacific Coast Carbon is offering you a truly green disposal option for your carbon project needs located in the Pacific NW. All clients processing spent carbon through the reactivation facility receive a Certificate of Reactivation releasing the generator from landfill disposal and “Cradle to grave” liability.

In addition to spent carbon reactivation, the carbon reactivation and manufacturing facility allows you to choose from a wide variety of products and services to suite your specific project needs. You can choose from a multitude of stocked water and air treatment carbons or customize a product to meet your specific needs.

Key Offerings

  • Virgin & Reactivated Carbon Sales
  • BioChar Sales  (specific blends for individual project needs)
  • Water Treatment Adsorbers – flow rates 5 GPM – 500 GPM+
  • Air Treatment Adsorbers – flow rates 20 CFM – 12,000 CFM+
  • Custom Spent Carbon Reactivation for Beneficial Reuse
  • On-Site Carbon Change Out Exchange Services
  • Activated Carbon Consultation, Design and project planning.