Specialty Carbon

Specialty activated carbons are coconut, coal and wood based carbons that have been manufactured for use in most non-standard applications.  Our specialty carbons are manufactured with proprietary additives to create both impregnated and catalytic carbons that meet a growing demand to remove a wide range of organics and inorganics by physically or catalytically converting organics, inorganic or acid gasses to an element that can be easily adsorbed and removed by the activated carbon.  As a result, our specialty carbons provide superior removal characteristics and loading rates, outperforming most standard carbons.

coconut shell

Coconut Carbon

Coconut based activated carbons are high quality, high activity granular, pellet and powdered carbons. Coconut carbon provides a highly developed micropore structure and is particularly well suited for the adsorption and retentivity of low molecular weight organics. Typical vapor phase uses for coconut carbons are vapor emission control, chlorinated solvent adsorption, Odor control, CO2 purification, and HVAC filtration.  The typical liquid phase use for coconut carbon is in aquariums and hatcheries for removal of trace dissolved organics, ground water remediation of middle to low weight organics and dechlorination of water.  Coconut carbons have superior hardness to limit attrition during handling, vacuum service and reactivation services


Coal Carbon

Coal based activated carbons are a high activity granular and or pelletized carbon suitable for a wide range of applications including chemical process, solvent recovery, middle weight organic remediation and odor control projects.  The carbon manufacturing process is carefully controlled to produce a high activity product with superior properties.  Some of our select grades of Coal carbon are water washed or acid washed to reduce pH spikes upon system startup for client with sensitive pH spikes allowances in their high purity applications.

Toras de madeira.

Wood Carbon

Wood based activated carbons are a light weight activated carbon.  It is ideal for high grade water treatment and process liquor purification.  Wood based carbons are also an excellent carbon for removing color from water and other process liquids.  Wood based carbons are also widely applied to solvent recovery projects in a gaseous application.