Granular Activated Carbon Products

Activated Carbons and BioChars are widely used to remove many organic and inorganic compounds from water, vapor and soils.  The key to your success is selecting a quality product that meets your project demands.  All carbons are not created equal, in fact many carbons used for remedial projects are miss applied, thus costing you more time and money in the long run.

We offer a full line of activated carbons for your projects and the knowledge to select the best type of carbon and BioChar to meet your specific needs.  Pacific Coast Carbon maintains a variety of stock activated carbons and BioChars for convenient shipment for your project or for use with our quick and efficient change out and maintenance service programs.

Product Offerings for water, vapor and agricultural uses

  • Virgin and Reactivated coconut carbons
  • Virgin and reactivated coal carbons
  • Reactivated coconut, coal and mixed – blended carbon
  • Virgin wood carbons
  • BioChar with select wood species for individual projects.