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Pacific Coast Carbon, LLC

Pacific Coast Carbon is the Premier activated carbon manufacturer and service provider in the Pacific Northwest. We provide our customers with the highest quality project planning, equipment design and on-site maintenance services. Our systems, equipment and change-out services are designed for activated carbon, reactivated carbon, BioChar and many other options for your water, vapor, agricultural & filtration projects. We carry a large selection of filtration media, tanks and specialty products in our three pacific Northwest Locations.


As a leader in water, air and earth filtration technologies, Pacific Coast Carbon uses proprietary pyrolysis systems, sometimes referred to as thermal recovery processing units (TRUs) to reactivate your spent carbon.


Activated Carbons, Reactivated Carbon and BioChars are widely used to remove many organic and inorganic compounds from water, vapor and soils. We stock Zeolite, activated Alumina and many other filtration medias.


In addition to carbon vacuuming and refill services, we also offer spent carbon transport and spent carbon reactivation services in house at our reactivation facilities. Reactivation and disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous spent carbon.

Carbon Consultation

PCC works with customers to design and fabricate appropriately-sized treatment equipment and assist with planning a project’s on-going maintenance needs. Contact us for more information about our products and services.

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